SALIC: 13-0345

Co-Producers: THT

Written & Directed by: Mariana Bastos

Produced by: Fernando Sapelli, Igor Bonatto, Morena Koti

Genre: Drama/Thriller


Raquel is a teenage girl who, after years in the big city, returns to her small town where she was born, in search of a new life with her father after her mother’s death. Without a routine and with shattered dreams, she is attracted to an all-girls religious group. As she explores her faith, her world is changed by strange visions and sensations that put her between madness and miracle. Condemned by some, loved by others, the alleged visions seen by Raquel become the center of mysterious events, while her life is driven by the obsession with a great mission that has been given to her. Certain that her duty is to fulfill it, her search for answers threaten to destroy her; or turn her into hope for many.